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  • Where to buy Scratch and Dent Appliances?
    You can buy them right here online by calling (219) 427-1372 or (773) 966-7057. We offer scratch and dent appliances including firdges, kitchen sets, laundry, and more. Call us today to schedule a walkthrough of our warehouse to see if we have the right scratch and dent appliances for you.
  • What Are Scratch & Dent Appliances?
    Scratch and dent appliances are units that have been blemished or slightly bented that have been declined and sent back to the manufactures and, or owner,.
  • Does SunBird Appliances carry any sort of guarantee?
    Every single Scrath & Dent appliance comes with a full 90day, 180day, or 6month warranty. Many of our appliances still have a manufacturer's (1 year) warranty. It's exactly the same warranty as it would be new & boxed! You can purchase an extended warranty on all Scratch & Dent appliances!
  • How Much Off For Scratch & Dent Appliances?
    The markdown varies from item to item, but most customers generally save up to 40% or more instantly off of the scratch and dent appliances in comparison to retail! All SunBird Appliance items are labeled with a marked down price. This is because large retail stores won't sell scratch and dent and will only sell new.
  • If I'm buying a kitchen set, can I mix and match New and Scratch & Dent items and still get the "package price"?"
    Absolutely! Package pricing refers to extra savings on New items when you purchase them in a set of 3 or more. We always encourage you to take advantage of our S&D stock so that you're getting what you want for the very best price!
  • Can I purchase Scratch & Dent Appliances over the phone?
    Yes you can! We will provide you with photo's and or a video of any unit in question. Please contact us via our website or call (219) 427-1372 or (773) 966-7057 for more information.
  • How often do you receive Scratch & Dent trucks?
    SunBird Appliances has about 2 or 3 Scratch & Dent trucks per week consisting of about 30-60 pieces on each, which means that if we don't have what you are looking for today, we just might have it on our next truck!
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